Benjamin & Bond is transforming healthcare from the inside › out.

We do this by consulting for healthcare providers, payers and policymakers. We go to our consulting clients asking for them to share the problems that keep them up at night. Then we solve them, using methods that are quick, collaborative, human-centered—and proven effective across applications in all types of industries and organizations.

Our Consulting Services

With over 100 years of collective experience in the healthcare, business analysis  and product design and development spaces, we are capable of handling a broad range of work. Our portfolio includes projects in experience analysis and improvement, care model design, process analysis, interface optimization, implementation strategy, product design and development and more. The constant is our iterative, design-based approach and focus on clear-eyed pathways to implementation. We break our services into three lines.

We create and improve service lines using design methods proven by the world’s most innovative companies. We create and improve service lines and delivery using design methods proven by the world’s most innovative companies. Some of our clients keep us on retainer to give their decision makers continuous access to our skills while others prefer to deploy us one on one targeted project at a time. We pair a blunt, outsiders perspective with deep domain expertise in healthcare.

We bring our clients’ entrepreneurial ideas to life. We pair their clinical and operational knowledge with our technology design and development expertise. In some cases, that's building custom systems from the ground up—sometimes systems with broader commercial value in the marketplace. In other cases, we stitch together the disparate data sources endemic to modern healthcare.


We produce, host and facilitate design workshops—everything from strategic planning sessions to hack-a-thons—to bring our clients’ together to solve problems using design. We also deliver keynote speeches and guest lecture at leading universities. Our unique mix of backgrounds and personalities gives us a fresh perspective on the challenges facing healthcare organizations and the best way to solve them.