Tandigm Health

A More Flexible Care Model for Population Health

What We Did

  • Conducted two workshop-based phases of research to gather ideas for and build consensus around a new care model.
  • Synthesized output from workshops and used it to design a scalable care model.
  • Produced a step-by-step punch list to guide client during implementation.
Value-based healthcare companies are in an ideal position to pilot new models of care. So why is it that so many are incapable of thinking past the front door of the emergency department and how to avoid it?

The Story

Tandigm Health originated as a joint venture between Independence Blue Cross, one of the country’s largest, most innovative Blues insurers, and DaVita HealthCare Partners, a nationally recognized pioneer in population health. Physician-led, clinically-focused and supported by a robust, yet agile team of subject matter experts from medicine, nursing, business, medical documentation, analytics and informatics, Tandigm Health is focused on employing any idea that allows primary care physicians to provide the finest possible care.

Benjamin & Bond was engaged by Tandigm Health to produce and facilitate a series of workshops to kickstart the redesign of its care programs. Changes were made in response to a surge in the number of patients under Tandigm’s care. Benjamin & Bond’s charge was to guide Tandigm to a implementation of a controlled pilot.

The first phase of work was built around a two-day workshop divided into four collaborative sessions. Workshop teams used tangible objects to organize the people, processes and platforms in the Tandigm universe into a representation of the current state. They then moved those puzzle pieces around to design different visions of the future. The workshop helped generate ideas from all levels of the organization and build consensus amongst a team members. Benjamin & Bond’s facilitation and input helped the collaborative group create the specification for a new professional provider entity, evolve their Transitions of Care Team, design a specialist services group and establish a mission control team.

After the workshop, Benjamin & Bond provided a detailed report and analysis of activities. In addition, we synthesized the massive amount of information created during the workshop to pull out key themes.

After a few months, Tandigm reengaged Benjamin & Bond to stress test the program design against the needs of the market. In the second set of workshops, we helped the organization define what services it absolutely had to offer to empower its care teams and fulfill its mission. We refined the operational plan to a new degree of fidelity, creating a punch list of tasks required for implementation and decisions that Tandigm needed to be prepared to make.

Tandigm is filled with bright minds and good ideas. Our project provided a framework to make sure the best of those fit together in the most advantageous way.

"Benjamin & Bond cleared away organizational bias and helped our team think about the essence of what it is we do and how we can do it better. Their guidance provided the structure we needed to reimagine our programs without getting lost in detail."

Derek Marshall, Chief Operating Officer, Tandigm Health

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