Holy Redeemer Health System

An Alternative to One-Size-Fits-All Recruiting

What We Did

  • Collected and analyzed sentiment and observations from five distributed field offices.
  • Implemented immediate territory changes to localize recruiting.
  • Showed how complicated contingencies affected success in recruiting and retention.
At a time when there are more nursing jobs than there are nurses, targeted recruiting efforts are more important than ever. For Holy Redeemer Health, that means staying local and finding new ways to make positions attractive.

The Story

Holy Redeemer Health System is a Catholic system based in suburban Philadelphia. It also has a large homecare apparatus that covers the better part of New Jersey. Without the benefit of brand recognition afforded by a brick and mortar hospital, Holy Redeemer has struggled to fill its homecare nursing staff to meet growing market demand. A few years ago, Holy Redeemer revamped its recruiting department to focus on applicant and onboarding experience. Benjamin & Bond was asked to see how cleanly changes made at that time had translated to behavior in offices detached from the corporate hub and look for ways the organization could fill positions faster and grow into the opportunity in the market.

Benjamin & Bond spent time with leadership in the field understanding the challenges unique to each market. Nurses in the shadow of New York City have different wants and needs than those living and working in the sleepiest parts of the Jersey Shore. Holy Redeemer is still led by the vision of the Order of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, and the mission-based-approach of the system appeals to many nurses. The key is finding ways to reach those nurses at the right time with the right message. We were able to communicate back that unique regional needs required dedicated attention from people who worked with hiring managers every day. We also provided a comprehensive list of levers Holy Redeemer Health could pull to make sure its staffs were right-sized to meet demand. These levers were examined in a large group workshop that included representatives from throughout the system. In response, the organization was able to quickly make changes to its talent staffing structure to accommodate a more focused, proactive approach

In addition to quick operational changes, Benjamin & Bond was able to show how systemic issues already top of mind for corporate leadership manifested themselves in long waits to fill open positions. We brought key decision makers from within Holy Redeemer Homecare to prioritize which larger issues they’d like to see addressed first, and helped them make their case to the c-suite. We are continuing our work with Holy Redeemer Health's recruiting, working towards a 2.0 version of talent.

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