Healthcare is ripe for massive disruption. Providers, payers and policymakers exist in a swirling sea of change driven by the redistribution of financial risk, increasing regulation and the rise of the consumer. Risk and regulation aren’t new healthcare concepts, but for the first time in history, healthcare must be treated as a consumer service.

Innovators like Uber and AirBNB upended the taxi and hotel industry respectively by ignoring the status quo and learning what consumers actually wanted and needed. Through the design process, they created entirely new customer experiences that have forever changed their industries. Do you know how to engage your customers? Will your organization fall victim to disruption or become a leader in the transformation of healthcare for the future?

Our Approach

We believe innovation is the process of improving the human experience. As advisers, we will help you focus on ways to reimagine how healthcare is consumed, delivered and managed. Better experiences and more efficient processes deliver a better bottom line.

Our teams will help you put innovation into action. We are hired to evaluate organizational culture, find opportunities for innovation and help organizations create and deploy innovation teams.

We are also hired to work alongside clients to improve or reimagine things like the patient experience; clinical and business technology; and patient engagement programs. Together, we can define the future of healthcare.

Vibra Healthcare

The Innovation Collaborative

  • - Created collaborative innovation business unit
  • - Designed hospital executive data dashboard
  • - Lead patient experience improvement initiative

The Story

Vibra Healthcare is a national post acute care and specialty hospital company. The Benjamin & Bond team works with hospitals and facilities across the country and with the corporate management team headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA as part of the Innovation Collaborative.

The Innovation Collaborative is an interdisciplinary team of Vibra Healthcare staffers, the Benjamin & Bond team and external specialists who work together to improve the organization by solving problems and uncovering new opportunities using design-thinking and systems dynamics methodologies. Benjamin & Bond conducts ongoing research in Vibra’s facilities to uncover new opportunities for improvement and innovation, constantly pitching ideas to senior leadership at Vibra.

Vibra views the innovation collaborative as the driving force for the company’s transformation for the future. Initiatives bring people together and give them access to resources so they can think creatively. Together, we’re working on initiatives like business analytics, patient experience improvement and making the organization more efficient.

The Innovation Collaborative