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We work with clients to transform healthcare and invest in disruptive healthcare startups.

We started Benjamin & Bond after spending a decade of designing transformational solutions for organizations in all sorts of industries. We’ve seen the power of design to disrupt stagnant markets and propel organizations forward. No industry needs design more than healthcare.

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We share our thinking on healthcare design, innovation and investing with the community at conferences, with workshops and keynote presentations.

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Colloquy: A Conversation with Osteoid Creator Deniz Karasahin

For generations, medical advancement has happened at the lab bench. That’s changing, but new developments in product, process and technology are happening in an environment that’s not accustomed to experimentation—or the presences of outsiders. These...

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19 Oct 2017

#TBT  to an incredible event and cause, led by Temple Guard Drill Team! Thanks @YWCAYork ! #walkamileinhershoes  https://t.co/94vKwCTc6d 

26 Oct 2017

2 Oct 2017

Getting a start on our two-day design session with @TandigmHealth ! https://t.co/11FL4IAOfr 

21 Dec 2017

13 Jul 2017

The @benjaminandbond  Annual Summer Outing was a success! We look forward to what the next year holds for our client… https://t.co/4WI75c71E7 

4 Jul 2017

Happy Fourth of July from the Benjamin & Bond team! https://t.co/gshv6wM50D 

23 Oct 2017

26 Jun 2017

Congratulations @YCEAPA  and York! https://t.co/owoQnjErbW