We believe that the transformation of the healthcare industry will occur from the inside-out and outside-in. There will be disruptors and the disrupted. Our consulting work inspires transformation from within the industry—helping clients to be disruptors. Our investing activity work catalyzes transformation from outside the industry. By working on both ends of the paradigm, we will have a meaningful hand the redesign of healthcare.

External Opportunities

We are looking for seed-round investment opportunities in disruptive healthcare startups. Investment from our team is more than capital—we are advisors and mentors to our portfolio partners.

Internal Entrepreneurship

We can’t help but come up with ideas! Our staff has the same access to capital and resources as our external portfolio partners. We encourage our team to be entrepreneurial.


Reducing Hospital Readmissions

  • - Design functionality for product to provide constant, low-level monitoring of mental health patients.
  • - Built a prototype that won the inaugural Jefferson Health Hack
  • - Crafted business plan to help payers reduce mental health readmissions.

The Story

CareCube was born at the 2015 Jefferson Health hack, the inaugural version of the event. The product and team, including Benjamin & Bond’s Justin Kunkel, won first place in the “Reducing Readmissions” track winning some interesting prizes and the attention of the local medical community.

The idea started as a re-application of a concept originally encountered in the Smart Home community, and is a tangible object that sends feedback to a patient’s care team and family based on its physical orientation. The entire prototyping phase took place over the course of 36 hours, largely at NextFab, a South Philadelphia Maker Space. The cube itself is made of laser-cut acrylic and with the processing accomplished using an Arduino board.

Not content to simply toss a winning idea in the icebox, Justin and the rest of his team have continued development of CareCube. The product is currently being reengineered for production at scale, with an eye towards a clinical trial in the near future.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions