It is an exciting time to be in York. The rebirth of the downtown area is evident at every corner, and we are extremely fortunate to be able to showcase our creative space as part of those efforts.

We’re healthcare innovation consultants that spend lots of time in the field, but we purposefully choose a downtown space as our home, because working away from hospitals protects our outside perspective for our healthcare clients. In addition, we want to be a part of the York renaissance. We live and work in a great community, but we’re conveniently located within driving distance of most major East Coast healthcare hubs.

Check out these pictures that detail the transformation of our office from gravel floors to grand opening in a a few short months.

When we started Benjamin & Bond, we put a lot of thought into every detail of our business plan, our organizational design and plans for our workspace. Everything was designed to support collaboration. The energy and talent downtown is important for our work that exists at the intersection of design and technology.

The party brought together various professions in multiple industries, ranging from healthcare to city government to entertainment. We hire from a diverse set of backgrounds and we make a point of trying to take something from everyone that crosses our path, including many who graciously came to celebrate with us. Our gathering represented a nice subset of people that have helped us through the years, and we hope we were able to show our appreciation and give everyone an understanding of just how grateful we are.

We also threw together a quick video tour of the office for those who weren't able to make it. Check it out!