We're starting a new series of posts to highlight the things that inspire us as strategists and designers. Our work is a blend of art and science, and the heart and soul that is put into our work is from real people. So instead of creating empathy with our clients, we're giving you a chance to empathize with us. Learn about what moves us, inspires us and drives our work.

We're starting with our newest teammate, Adithi Asuri.


“I have always known I wanted to be in the healthcare field.”
Adithi with family for graduation

From watching primetime television dramas to volunteering in her hometown hospital, Adithi Asuri was inspired to help people, especially in her community. While volunteering in the short stay unit at the hospital for many summers during high school, different patients and providers shared their stories and experiences with Adithi. “It was really neat to see the life of others and to get that exposure, but I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do.”

Thanks to her brother, one of her biggest mentors, Adithi was able to figure out her path, but it wasn’t easy. “My brother told me about public health in high school, but I didn’t know anyone who ever pursued public health and I had to figure out that path on my own.”

“I fell in love with public health as a study for its broad education and it secured my desire to help in some way.” It wasn’t until working towards her Master’s degree that she was able to see the true impact she could have in public health thanks to her internships with WellSpan Health and PA Department of Health. While her work with the state in fighting the opioid crisis was fascinating and rewarding, the variety of impactful healthcare projects drew Adithi to work for Benjamin & Bond.

She is excited every day by the opportunities to help her community.

 “This is the first job that I get to use my skills from my degrees and I get to interact with people in the community. You don’t get that personal perspective in a lot of jobs and that is definitely a major inspiration for me; being born and raised in York, and coming back and improving and supporting my community in a huge way.”
Adithi in a hazmat suit

30 years ago, Adithi’s parents moved across the world from India to create a life in York, which Adithi says gives her perspective because they gave up everything to give her and her brother a better life. “That inspires me to work harder, and do better for my parents. They saw that you can do that in America, to get a better education, and have a bigger impact. Whatever position I am in, I do my best to positively impact the community."

"The 'inspiration spark' needs to be there and oftentimes that doesn’t always happen by yourself. Our group [Benjamin & Bond] is really good at inspiring each other. Everyone brings something special to the table.”