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7 Secrets for Successful Healthcare Innovation Projects

There is no shortage of good ideas in healthcare. There is, however, a shortage of good ideas actually being implemented. It’s no surprise: Healthcare organizations are large, sophisticated, heavily-matrixed organizations that are difficult to move. Add silos, politics and communications challenges into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for maintaining the status quo. But […]

Designing Death with Jefferson Innovation

Death hovers over everything in medicine, maybe American medicine most of all. Our healthcare system’s traditional focus on the acute incident has implicitly put the focus on preventing death. That doesn’t make it any easier to talk about or deal with.

Atul Gawande and the Challenge of Digital Checklists

Somehow, someway, Atul Gawande had time to take another job. He’s a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, he’s Executive Director of Ariadne Labs, he’s a Professor of Surgery at Harvard and he writes constantly. Now he’s been tapped by Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett to run their new healthcare venture. […]

Hiring: Visual Designer

Benjamin & Bond is looking for a visual designer to join our growing innovation consultancy. Join our mission to design the next generation of healthcare experiences.

Colloquy: A Conversation with Osteoid Creator Deniz Karasahin

In 2014, Deniz Karasahin won the prestigious Golden A’ Design Award in 3D Printed Forms and Products Design with the Osteoid, a 3D printed cast that combined orthopedics and therapeutics through ultrasound technology that encourages bone healing. We ask him about his experiences designing in an industry completely foreign to him.

Bringing the Battlefield Home: How VR is Shaping the Future of PTSD Care

It’s more than just a video game; it’s a matter of life or death. Or so it would appear to patients using Brave Mind. Brave Mind, a virtual reality(VR) depicting scenes of Afghanistan and Iraq, allows veterans to become fully immersed in virtual foot patrols and convoys to directly face their fears and learn to cope with them. It was created by Virtually Better Inc.(VBI), an organization comprised of clinicians and technicians that develops tools to assist patients with a variety of anxiety and behavior disorders.

Inside the Clinic for Special Children

We were all fascinated by an impeccably researched dive into health care in the “Plain” (Amish and Mennonite people) community by Sara Talpos in Mosaic Science, so we followed up in a conversation with the immensely impressive Clinic for Special Children.

A Little Bit About Our New Home

A few days ago, we hosted almost 100 of our family, friends, clients and community leaders for a party to celebrate the official opening of our new office. The York County Economic Alliance was on hand to facilitate the ribbon cutting. It feels great to be working in our new office and to be downtown amidst the explosion of redevelopment.

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

I’m a pastry chef.

I’ve got a mariage élégant tomorrow, and I’m crushed. Panicked, I hire you as a temporary assistant. You’re just starting, and as far as you know XXX powdered sugar is something smutty, but desperate times call for desperate (dry) measures.

On the Front Lines of the Battle Against Pediatric Cancer

Pediatric cancer kills more children in the U.S. than any other disease. In our back yard, Four Diamonds is on a mission to change this reality and conquer childhood cancer.